Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation

Uncertain about cremation?  Here are the answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What occurs during cremation?

A: What takes nature several decades to do, the cremation process can do in one to three hours.  That is, returning the human remains to its original elements by using intense heat.

Q: Is it necessary to pre-plan cremation services?

A: When you make your decision in advance it helps assure that your wishes will be carried out following death.  While it certainly isn’t necessary, it is the choice of many.

Q: Is cremation less expensive than traditional burial?

A: It can be. It really depends on the selections you make. Cremation offers many options. Cost will vary depending on the services associated with your choice of cremation.

Q: If I choose cremation, can I still have a viewing?

A: Yes. You may have either a private or public viewing prior to cremation. You have the option of renting a casket or selecting a container made of fiberboard, corrugated board, or softwood.

Q: Is embalming necessary?

A: No, but the factors of time, health issues and possible legal regulations and religious beliefs might warrant embalming prior to cremation.


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